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Chicken, Chicken, and More Chicken...and maybe Chicken

May 11th, 2009 at 12:31 pm

Well, dinner went well last night. I cooked up quite a few pounds of chicken. I ended up giving most of it to my bf to take home.

This budget thing is a bit complex....I did overspend on food, but feel okay about it because I got some good deals and the food will likely last me into next month. It is a bit more complicated in that my bf is going thru some difficulties, my budget is tight, his budget is tighter, and so at times I am trying to stretch the food out. I know it bugs him a bit, but I want to make sure that he has food. I do know when to not over-do it. Last night, it was appropriate to give him most of the dinner and some odds and ends from my refrigerator. I have enough food to last me through the rest of the month, with only needing to buy some sauce and eggs and whatnot. And when he gets paid, he will most likely give me some money for food or gas or things like that.

On a better note, I have lost some weight. Yay!

I am feeling ok food wise...just having weird cravings for yummy buttery pastries, but will stick to the food I brought from home. Smile

2 Responses to “Chicken, Chicken, and More Chicken...and maybe Chicken”

  1. baselle Says:

    Giving your BF a decently cooked meal has got to be cheaper and better than him going after the expensive (maybe not now expensive, but later expensive) junk food.

  2. Blue Eyes Says:

    Nice job on losing weight!

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