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Money Issues.....

August 27th, 2009 at 06:33 pm

I realize that I guess I have money issues.
When I am stressed or happy, I am not so cautious of my spending---now mind you, not being cautious in my world means getting a cup of coffee or buying some needed food that tastes good. It doesn't mean buying a book or buying clothes or dvds for fun.

I started to think about how much I went into my savings this month, and I almost started crying. I added how much I spent on food---shopping at really cheap stores, no whole paycheck for me. And I spent about $300 more on food than I should have...i checked and I spent about $200 on food in the first 2 weeks.

I just don't know what to do....I really don't. I am eating leftovers for lunch, avoiding eating out whenever possible, buying bulk rolls of 24 ct. for $1.50 and having 5 rolls for breakfast (not good for my diet, of course), and just so mad at myself for all of it.

I will also have to speak with my bf. He knows I am having money problems, but so is he, and he isn't good at budgeting (neither am I, it appears, but I do put up a good attempt, I think---at least I write things out--doesn't that count?), and so, the past 2 months he hasn't been contributing what we agreed upon...and it is mainly because he has had family stuff come up. I don't want to stress him out, but I will have to let him know that we are going to have to stick with our agreement if he stays with me...which, due to a crowded situation at his family's house, he may be staying with me. I am okay with that, but I realize that even a couple of trips per week to the cheapo market is still maybe $50 bucks, and that adds up quickly. Sigh.

I feel very sad right now. I am going to look for a part-time job and next month, I am going to fully commit myself to writing down every single thing I buy. And, i am going to use my debit card more---I find that the loose cash is easier for me to change and I forget what I spent it on when I am not writing things down.

I really just feel like crying. And the honest truth is that if I had 3-6 months of cash savings, i wouldn't be worrying about the debt i would have. I would pay it off of course, but not having the savings and not being able to get more credit is really stressing me out.

thank you all for letting me vent. I am not sure I can talk to many people about how i feel. I feel like you all understand some of where I am coming from, and i really appreciate all of your comments (sorry, i can't change the white background without then changing my blog page...and I am not sure if I want to use blue color or yellow color on a black background...I think it may be more difficult to see).

Love you all. Smile

3 Responses to “Money Issues.....”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    It's okay to stress your boyfriend out. You are worried sick about the state of your finances and he has not fulfill his end of the bargain. If he is also having money issues, he may have to suck it up and get a part-time job just like you are. Perhaps your difficulty with your budget is that you're covering his slack. Please, by no means take it as an attack on your boyfriend, but your not his mother, you're his girlfriend. We (women) are always trying to solve everyone's problems and we tend to forget to take care of ourselves and I'm really worried about you.

  2. thebestmeicanbe Says:

    You are right in a lot of ways, and I also have to take responsibility for buying more food because I always want to make sure that there is something to eat in the house.

    He is helping me, and I need to let him know I need more help, while at the same time watching what I am buying.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    It must be difficult, and I am sorry to hear that. It reminds me of back in the day when I struggled for every cent, and I was still coming up short....

    I do think you are better at this than you might feel right now, but sometimes, it's hard to believe that when you're having a hard time with it, with things stretched out in every which way....

    Well, I don't really have any advice or anything, just please feel free to vent this over the blog. It's exactly what the blogs are here for.

    Lastly, I still can't see any comments written here, so I have to use default colors.

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