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Money and Health

October 9th, 2009 at 07:20 pm

I am more than a bit upset at myself because I know I need to focus on my health and my first hurdle is eating....yep, the first step for me has to be control over my food and what I eat.

I have been slowly but surely increasing my cooking abilities and I can honestly say that I have never cooked so good! I am really getting over my fear of cooking (I have made some pretty bad food in the past) and I am really branching out and cooking more unique (while still trying to be healthy) food.

But, to be honest, lately I have been thinking of two things when I cook...price and volume. My bf has been stressed lately, so a bit more food gets eaten. I have been stressed, and resorting to simple carbs and sweets. I have actually had only bread for lunch multiple times. Not the healthy salad and whatnot I should be eating. And my bf will not eat only salad for dinner...so that would be my making two meals at once and that just doesn't work out cost wise.

I am upset at myself that I am allowing stress, poor food planning, and my budget affect my dreams of eating chicken breasts and salad and yummy sauteed greens...mmmmmm! And because of my diet issues, I need a lot of filling foods that are low are the GI scale...but, that doesn't always mesh well with what I can afford to buy.

I am going to look online and see if I can find some good and cheap and TASTY healthy recipes that can be made in large portions.

5 Responses to “Money and Health”

  1. lizajane Says:

    I'm with you sister! Stress sabotages my best of plans for eating healthy. And I waste the money I should be spending on healthy stuff on junk. Good idea to look online, I love having recipes right at the fingertips.

  2. Nika Says:

    You don't need to eat salad all the time to eat healthy. There are tasty, filling, healthy food.

    Few examples:

    panini's: whole wheat hoggie with partially scooped out middle, brushed with olive oil and put in panini press until crispy. Can be filled with fresh sauteed spinach (add some minced garlic at the end) and sauteed mushrooms sauteed with onions. takes 20 minutes to make.

    Or baked salmon on a bed of wilted spinach, squirt of lemon juice.

    Or nice whole wheat fetuccine with pesto pistachio sause.
    Pesto sauce is not hard to make and is healthy (blend fresh basil with garlic, olive oil, just a tad bit of parmasan and blend some nuts into it at the end for texture (I use quite a bit almonds and pistachios).
    Mix thoroughly with cooked pasta.
    Mincing just a little bit of cooked skinless chicken on top makes it a full filling meal. One piece of chicken is enough for 2 portions (To be full and have all nutrients absorbed better you need a mix of protein and carbs and fat. (many nutrients, especially in greens, won't absorb without fat). So healthy oils are essential. It is only saturated fat that is the problem.

    Chunky guacamole is also a meal - 2 diced tomatoes, diced whole onion, fresh celantro, a lot of garlic, 2 avocados, finely chopped cerranos, all mixed in a big bowl (I don't think lime juice is needed here, it overpowers) Scooping up with blue corn chips and a little beer... delicious (but only good for private dinner at home -- with amounts I put, one needs to be mindful of garlic breath.

    So here are just a few uncomplicated things. (nothing involving a double boiler or reductions sauces). I cook this type of thing after work (and I get home by 8). With DH's help it really does not take much time.

    I used to hate cooking too, so I can understand you. But since I got into eating more healthy, I like it. I get everything fresh and the smells produced by the process are so delicious. And we feel great eating it! We don't leave the table hungry or guilty.

    I believe you can do it!

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    Can you call your doctor's office - the one that knows about your needing lower on the GI scale foods and get a list of foods they recommend? Or heck, do a google search and see if anyone has some preprinted recipes for those with budget & special need issues?

  4. LuxLiving Says:

    Here's a place I like - prices are outdated, but the advice is still good.


  5. HouseHopeful Says:

    Stress is definately something that takes a toll on your health. I'm learning to cook as I go & know how hard it can be to find frugal and healthy recipes. I would suggest googling Weight Watcher recipes. Even if you don't follow the plan, they're real recipes, made healthy.

    I tend to make batches of things & then freeze for later. If you're stressed and don't feel like cooking, you can pull something out of the freezer. Currently, in my freezer, I have Turkey Meatloaf Muffins, sloppy joe, pasta sauce, already browned ground turkey, taco meat & various soups.

    Good luck!

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