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Christmas Cheer

December 15th, 2009 at 11:15 am

So, I can say happily that this month has NOT been as stressful as previous months. Primarily because a relative helped me out with some much needed cash for some things I really needed, AND, the Big Guy was watching over me and I was able to buy some needed things much cheaper than previously planned.

My goal for this month is to have money in my checking and saving account when the New Year commences. Sounds weird, but, lately, I have been having less than a few dollars at the end of every month before my new paycheck comes. So, for me, it will be something special to have money I am not going to touch, until the new year.

Some friends did let me down a bit when it comes to a special event I had planned (most did not attend), and there was another event that involved food and money, and I felt really weird because I could only order the cheapest items on the menu, and my friends feasted on food that is very upscale and I really didn't understand why (the event wasn't in their honor). This made it more upsetting when they were not supportive of my event. But, the reality is that I cannot be upset at them, only upset at myself for not being better with my budget when I was more flush with cash.

There are still 2 weeks before the New Year, but I think I have enough food to last until then. My body has been very angry at me for eating foods that are cheap, but not what it really wants or needs. So, I will make it my new perogative to give my body the foods it really wants and that makes it the happiest, from a healthwise perspective.

I feel odd at times asking my family for help, and I talked to my relative about it. It really all comes from a place of feeling as if my family did not accept me, and to ask for help would be to reinforce whatever negative images they had of me. Of course, this is all just things I thought of, and not necessarily what my family felt AT all. In fact, my family said that at times they felt that they didn't have the right to be called my family. What a trip!?!? I do feel like there are some really big issues that we have to work on from the past, but I am feeling pretty good about it overall.

3 Responses to “Christmas Cheer”

  1. milehighgal Says:

    I'm sorry your event didn't work out. I hope you are able to talk to your friends about it and voice your disappointment. It usually helps to get that off your chest.

    It's always tricky for me going out with a group, since I order frugal (no drinks, no desert, trying to get the best value entre) and then everyone decides it's OK to split the bill even though my portion was way less. I've learned to get around this by having cash when I go out, then they take it out of the bill and split the rest and I don't feel taken advantage of.

  2. baselle Says:

    I'm so glad to hear from you! I wouldn't be too hard on your friends unless its a pattern - then I'd get some new friends. Having money at the end of the month is a very laudable goal - you would be doing better than many. You sound better in this post than you have for awhile. Do as best as you can with the money you have - that's all anyone can do these days.

  3. inneedofhelp Says:

    Thank you Baselle and Milehighgal (no comment on that screenname Wink ).

    The issue with my friends and my event, is that I did keep their budgets in mind, but not even 48 hours prior did they spend about 2-3x the amount on a similar event for a fellow friend. To this day, they have not asked to reschedule my event, but, they have asked me to their events. Frown

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