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Credit is evil....

December 16th, 2009 at 09:09 am

Sigh, the old cc companies that I am paying off every month are really trying to just make my Christmas bah humbug.

I have 3 credit card/loans with a specific bank that is supposed to be for our country, and they have lowered the available credit on all of the accounts. Sigh. I wouldn't mind because I wasn't using that available credit anyway (not at the ridiculous default 24%+ rate they wanted to give me, even though i have not missed a payment or done any default type activities), but I am upset because their actions have already reduced my credit scores. Sigh. In some cases, my score went down 14 points! Frown

Secondly, the credit card that I do like, has an annual memebership fee. I did not know they would assess that fee this month, and by doing so, they reduced my available credit. So, the available credit I had I was going to use to buy a couple of gifts for Christmas (paying it back of course in January as my budget will not be as tight), and well, now I can't do that.

Now, I have a tradition of giving certain gifts, and I am wondering what to do now. I am somewhat okay with food, though I do see that we will need some basics like water, eggs, etc. My bf has been so stressed about money and bills for his family lately that he has been sort of snappy and tense, and he has been buying things for the house, and will have given me $40 more this month than our agreement, so I feel weird about asking hime for more, ya know? Even though I have helped him out a lot. Sigh.

I feel like since I have helped my bf out for many months and floated him when he had no job, that my asking for additional help during the past few months should be okay. The only problem is that because of his family's issues, he is funneling a large portion of his budget to assist with their bills. I have spoken about it, but, he cannot be disuaded from doing so at this time. And really, I can't tell someone how to spend their money, ya know? If he could give me an additional $40 instead of the $20 I requested earlier, I would be a lot less stressed, plus, I would be able to get food for the both of us for Christmas.

I just don't want to be upset if he declines to help me. I do think that it may be upsetting because he has already not done certain things he said he would do (like our trip), because he has been paying the debts of his family (though I don't really always agree with that).

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