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Does money take you out of your normal self?

January 14th, 2010 at 07:37 pm

I have noticed that I have become a bit more sensitive about things that pertain to money....Something that would have been only a bit disappointing a year ago, feel like a much bigger deal now. I think that part of it is because I don't have that buffer in my budget---so if I have an extra expense or overspend on food, then I am effectively impacting something else that is needed. I am not yet where I want to be with managing my budget, but I am seeing more and more how different my spending habits are now from even just a year ago. Now, I am always counting, counting, counting, and thinking about trying to balance my budget. I think this is probably done more than is good for ones stress level, though. But for me I feel like i have to constantly keep on top of it because when I don't think about it for even just a few days and buy fast food here, a burrito there, some coffee over there, then I am suddenly overspent and stressed.

My bf has been really in a better mood lately. He is very encouraging that I have enough food to eat (sometimes I give him more food than I give myself---I am not starving, but it may be that I give him the better food, and I make do when it comes to lunch---a soda and chips for lunch because it is just $1), and he seems more helpful. It makes me happy.

I have been working on dealing with feelings I have about some people I know who try to make me feel like I am less than they are. It doesn't help that these same people are constantly displaying and focusing on how expensive something is that they own or bought or wear. I feel at times that my strength is not apparent to them because I may earn less than they do, or because my appearance may not reflect that I am an intelligent person with a good paying job. I think at times that they just see uneducated when they talk to me, as they make subtle comments that suggest their feeling as such.

3 Responses to “Does money take you out of your normal self?”

  1. Nika Says:

    I don't mean to come across like a health nut... I'm not, really! but soda and chips is not lunch -- it has no nutrition. It would make me have a sugar crash and be hungry again very soon. I'm not sure what you can get for a dollar. Maybe make some brown rice (it keeps you full for much longer than white rice and has far more nutrition) and a piece of chicken...

    Kosheri is a very filling cheap and tasty Egyptian dish - some pasta mixed with lentils and crispy fried onion on top (add hot sauce). Maybe there are organizations that give food in your area. There is a healthcare cost to not eating nutritional food. Sorry you are feeling so vulnerable. I know it won't be for long because you are facing these issues head on.

  2. thebestmeicanbe Says:

    You are totally right. Having chips and soda is not a good lunch. I eat it sometimes because it is cheap and I did not plan out a healthier lunch in advance.

  3. pharaohsmom Says:

    Put some distance between yourself and these judgmental people.

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