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Food in the fridge

January 21st, 2010 at 09:13 am

When there is plenty of food in the fridge, then I find myself to be a very happy camper.

I have cleaned out most of the fridge, and while it looks a bit sparse, it also looks much brighter (more avail space to reflect light?), and well, less cluttered and I have an idea of all the things available to eat.

Overall, this month has been a lot less stressful moneywise. It could be because on certain months I am supposed to save money for a bill that is bi-monthly, so in essence, I have a little bit of a buffer for when I overspend. Though, of course, I need to recoup that money the following month.

My bf has been spending less time with me, and I miss his company. I do think it is important for him to have the space that he needs. Since I am feeding just myself, and tend to eat just about anything for any meals, the food budget has gone down a bit as well. My bf will be giving me money this week for his portion of the rent, and I am just hoping that things go smoothly. I say this because it seems like we often have communication problems and we end up arguing. It is very stressful. I am also in a situation where I like to schedule and plan out my budget, and my bf doesn't like to discuss it until the day of or after he receives his paycheck. Personally, I would be calculating my hours and how much I plan to receive even before I get my check, but he waits until he receives it to form his budget. Sigh. And I feel like it stresses him out because it is pretty much spent before he even gets it, or his plans for it (something as simple as buying needed shoes) are changed at the last minute because his family needs help or some bill comes up. It is a difficult situation for him and I feel bad that he has to go through that. Especially since he works so hard and doesn't earn very much.

I have been doing odd jobs on the side, so I am really happy about the extra money it will bring in. Any little bit really helps. Smile

Things have been stressful in other areas. At times certain people who have issues with image and wealth have tried to be downputting to me. (yeah, I think I just made that word up) Their tone is constantly as if they have a superiority complex and it is frustrating. It makes me feel that whenver I see them, I need to have a specific outfit on, etc., and not display any semblance of being on a budget, etc. I don't think it is right that I should have to feel that way, but i guess that is how things are right now. It doesn't help that another person above me doesn't seem to appreciate my frugalness and makes little comments about it that seem more like mocking than accepting. Sigh. Frown

Next month my bf and I are going to do the shopping together. Both so he can see how much things really cost, but also so that I can buy enough food at one time and not have to make multiple trips to the grocery store. My goal is to buy enough food for 2 weeks or so at a time.

I am also working on making more time for me and doing the things that make me happy.

3 Responses to “Food in the fridge”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Starting to think you could use a social circle transplant. Is the discomfort underscored by your work life and social life overlapping?

  2. thebestmeicanbe Says:

    I am not sure if there is an overlap. I think that each group has its own issues...with my social group, I really think that my friend is not really believing me when I say I am broke---probably because she says the same thing all of the time, and then proceeds to go on a shopping spree. In the other group, there are people that have some issues with wealth and appearance, and I think at times that they judge my talents more by my appearance than by what is really important.

  3. miz pat Says:

    Wow, I think they have poor values then. Its what you do and your kindness and personality that count, not what you wear.

    Gosh, I've been frugal so long, that sounds like another world to me. If I am comfortable in what I wear, I am happy.

    And of course, people make fun of us for our frugal ways. But I notice lately I get more respect, probably because of the economy.

    To Thine Own Self Be True is true for us. But is sounds like you are doing better.

    Wish the boyfriend tried to budget.

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