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Money and Focus

March 21st, 2010 at 08:04 pm

So, this past month I admittedly haven't been focusing on my budget. With the relationship thing and my new forays into being healthier, I have given myself permission to use my part-time earnings towards better food and things that give me a bit more emotional comfort. I do realize that I can't necessarily do this every month, but for right now, I figured that I wanted to focus on nurturing my heart and my body and my soul. I do think my soul and heart needs more nurturing, but I decided to take it easy this first month.

I haven't been going wild and buying purses or anything like that. But I did buy my first real organic food! And it wasn't expensive, either (although I stuck to produce, so organic meat would be a tough thing for me to be able to afford)! When I had a craving for something healthy, or a friend asked me to a nice place to eat, I went. I spent less than $20 on my meal, and just enjoyed their company. I still kept to my frugal ways and didn't get tempted to buy things at the full price (I only bought during a sale or if the item was used, etc.).

I am making good progress on my health issues. I do need to write out my new food items so I can get a better idea of how much my food budget may change in comparison to when I was buying food solely on its stretchability.

The relationship issue is the same and I am dealing with that. I find that focusing on other things is helping me a bit. I have also been trying to do better in other areas of my life. It feels like a struggle at times because of some of the issues that others have in how they view things and what type of things they focus on, but i am just going to keep doing the best that i can and with other improvements in my life, hopefully they will focus less on the outside and more on the things that are important.

Next month I will get back to writing down my purchases and sticking more to my budget.

3 Responses to “Money and Focus”

  1. nmboone Says:

    Good luck with the eating healthier thing. I just found out my cholesterol level is out of range so I am trying to eat healthier as well. It's hard to do all of a sudden though!

  2. elisabeth Says:

    I found bagged apples and whole carrots to be cheaper organic. Somethings like bananas don't have to bought organic.

  3. Jerry Says:

    Organic often tends to taste better, I find, and it leads to freedom from pesticides and the like. All in all, I would rather pay a little extra for the insurance that my food is as natural as possible! Good luck with your new food choices...

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