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Keeping track of my spending

May 5th, 2009 at 09:46 am

So, in the past few days I have written and re-written and continuously calculate my budget for May.

I have paid most of my bills and so right now I am working with about $74 the represents my food money for the rest of the month. Needless to say, I somehow overspent, and don't have tons and tons of food to show for it. I spent about $55+ bucks on food so far, and $9 or so was for take out. So, I would like to spend maybe $40 more bucks and focus on protein and yogurt.

I lost some weight and am really happy about that.

I made some black beans and rice on Sunday, and put the beans in the freezer---which freaks out my bf---but I explained that I want to slow down the aging of the beans as I won't eat any today and I am trying to make them last longer. Yeah, he thinks I am a bit loopy when it comes to my freezing food items. He doesn't come from a family that freezes a lot of their food, and I come from a family where I learned to freeze loaves of bread and gallons of milk.

I have 2 packs of chicken in the freezer, plus the beans, plus eggs and fruit and yogurt, so I am not hurting for food at all this week.

I need to buy a water bottle and vitamins tomorrow, so I am hoping that my 20% off coupon helps me a lot.

1 Responses to “Keeping track of my spending”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Eggs and milk suddenly got much cheaper here 2 weeks ago. A dozen eggs for $1.0%. Have you tried making your own yogurt? Sometimes I will use a quart in four days. Making it myself I save about $7.65 every time I go through a gallon of homemade. So that is $15.28 saved per month if I'm using a quart every four days.

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