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Complexes and Whatnot....

May 6th, 2009 at 08:45 am

So, I have been keeping a guarded eye on my funds and doing the math thing every day. I also am trying to avoid going to the grocery store whenever possible, and when I do, just getting what is most necessary at that time.

It is hard to do at times because I have a boyfriend, and when he visits I want to make sure that he has a good meal and eats well. He is a bachelor and eats bachelor type food, and he is also on a super tight budget (he makes less than half of what I do), so at times I think he doesn't have enough food for the type of work he does (very physical labor), or not the healthiest food (ie...super sugary cereal and very little veggies).

I know that I have to be careful in this area because 1) I have a complex about the whole woman supporting the man thing, and 2) it costs money to feed an extra person. I feel at odds at times because I want to make sure he has food to eat, and I also have to really watch my budget. It is fair to note that when he does have money, he is always offering to help me with food or gas. He may not buy me roses, but he does care about the things I need and I really appreciate that tremendously. Smile

So, tonight I will be in search of some fresh asparagus that is supposedly 99 cents a pound! Which is a good deal for asparagus in my area.

I am doing the math, and have about $51 bucks remaining for food for the month. I am going to fry some chicken on the weekend and maybe eat beans for the upcoming week. I am trying to hold out on buying food unless I am out of it...like, buying my yogurt only when I have one remaining yogurt kind of thing.

I am feeling optimistic about my goals and just trying to stay focused. Smile

3 Responses to “Complexes and Whatnot....”

  1. smiley2009 Says:

    I usually over estimate my grocery budget and will only buy items on my list and my list is composed after reviewing whats in the pantry and what i can "put together for week". I find this very helpful I shop with coupons and buy meat from the local market and sam's club that usually last a good while.

  2. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    wow.. 51 bucks seems like an awful small food budget for the rest of the month... kinda of like a homeless person's food budget...(no offense to homeless people).

    Good Luck with making it stretch!

    As for the woman supporting the man thing... no complex necessary... if you believe in equality... and your man earns less than you... there is no reason to feel bad about feeding him.... forget about societal norms and conccentrate on deepening your relatonship...says long-term singleton here !! hehe

  3. whitestripe Says:

    you could try dishes with lentils or beans, they are healthy, filling, full of protein and cheap Smile

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