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Recession time rants...please take them in jest

September 24th, 2009 at 05:14 pm

So, they say venting is good for the soul, so here are some of my recession-era rants.....they are to be taken in jest and in a comical nature.

1. Newspapers that continue to write reviews of expensive restaurants. Why? Why not focus on the fact that more Americans are cutting down on eating out, and when they do choose to eat out, they are eating at fast food chains? It seems a bit superficial and out of touch with reality for a majority of people.

2. Getting less for more. Look, I understand that everyone is cutting back. I DO NOT understand how suddenly a 6 oz piece of meat looks eerily like it is 4 oz, and yet 3 dollars more expensive. Something is off with that math.

3. Nickel and diming----I find it very tacky when restaurants implement an extra charge for sauce---really? How many people are actually hoarding the dipping sauces in order to create an elaborate meal later? Very few. Very few. Stop nickel and diming us by charging for even 1 extra sauce packet (I understand not giving someone 10 sauce packets for a 5 piece nugget meal, but charging for just 1 extra? Ridiculous.).

4. Some who are out of touch with reality---Everyone is being hit hard in these times, and I understand that. Complaining about having to do without items that most people couldn't afford even before the recession seems a bit....odd. Complaining about having to reduce (not eliminate) fine dining, or the weekly spa trips somehow doesn't make me feel as sympathetic as I probably should.

5. People who say they would NEVER do something that pertains to budgeting, i.e., I would "never" not eat organic, or I would "never" buy a store brand, etc. Times are hard, and it may help for people to think about the audience when they say can be very offputting when someone says they would never eat this or that when the person they are speaking to is subsisting on that item.

6. Water cooler discussions about spending! This is a tricky subject---everyone is discussing how they are changing their spending habits as a reaction to the economy and yet, how much info is too much? I find that this is the hardest vent to discuss and all aspects of this pet peeve really does probably depend on the time of day the comment is made, who is making it, how the listener is feeling, etc. If a person is complaining about not having money, and yet, every day they discuss something luxurious that they bought, etc., it alters their believeability.

Thank you for my little rant. Smile I hope you all take it in jest.

2 Responses to “Recession time rants...please take them in jest”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    lol, i like your rant Smile it IS good to vent,especially with like minded people (how often have you felt great after gossiping with a group of your friends over coffee? boys say it's bitching but really, it's just getting things out into the open - i think it's fine).

    DF and I hardly ever eat out, often it is the local thai takeaway or the pizza place with a coupon Big Grin BUT, i do appreciate the advertising for higher priced dining, because if they didn't advertise I wouldn't know about them - and every couple of months for some reason or another we do occasionally go to a nicer place to eat. (examples: a wedding dinner last month, my parents staying with us this month, my birthday this month, DF's birthday in November...) We cut down significantly on the 'cheap' outings if we know we can go to a nicer place in a month or two. it's like budgeting with food Big Grin
    at the moment i am having difficulties understanding people when they say they have to cut back, especially when they go on to say they would 'never' do this or that. often those two go hand in hand, so i get your frustration on those ones!

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Great post!

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