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Not so good with my money

June 21st, 2010 at 09:22 am

So, I have been working a lot lately, and while I was able to take care of about $500 in maintenance related stuff, mainly due to my having the part-time job, I have NOT been good about saving money, or even keeping up with my bills.

I think that I have been a bit depressed, to be honest. I feel like I have been stressed in some regards, and just focusing on how good it feels to be able to buy what I want to eat (within reason), without feeling like I am always confined and can only eat specific items.

So, I am upset at myself for not saving better, and for not paying down my cc's better, etc. Although, I am happy, that my overall monthly expenses are going down, and that if I were to really stick to my budget, I wouldn't necessarily need the 2nd job, which is a good thing. The issue moreso is that I need the 2nd job for assistance with maintenance issues, etc.

I did receive a nice refund, and most of it went to pay back previous debt, so I wasn't left with a lot leftover. Sigh.

I realize that I do tend to shop when i am sad or feeling bad about myself. I know that isn't a good thing. I also know that investing more money into my food has led me to eating much healthier and dropping some pounds, so I am very happy at least about that.

I will focus on watching my spending more this month and in July. I need to avoid impulse purchases and focus only on things that I need, or creature comforts like a warm coffee and a pastry for a rare treat.

3 Responses to “Not so good with my money”

  1. bestmeicanbe Says:

    Right now my budget doesn't really have a category for fixing things around my house, car, etc. So, the money I have been making from part-time has been going to pay certain more expensive maintenance requirements.

  2. baselle Says:

    Remember that this is marathon, not a sprint. Remember that this is an adjustment in eating, not a crash diet. It sounds like you have had some successes which you should take pride in. If you have had true failures of course you should fix them, but your main goal is to maintain a pace of saving and spending that is sustainable for you, maintain it for a little while and then see if you can tighten it a bit more.

    The house and car maintenance requirements are something to tackle next. Are they appropriate, or a symptom that you are overspending? For example, car payments on a car constantly breaking down would be a symptom that something has to change.

  3. inneedofhelp Says:

    Well, the maintenance really is routine. It is just that my budget is so tight I don't have money in the budget for things like oil changes, etc. I am paying down more debt, slowly but surely, so I am hopeful that there will be more free money in my budget to put towards maintenance items, savings, and better food. I think that with the extra money, I have just been doing what makes me happy---buying food that looks good, on a whim, buying some nice toiletries that i probably don't need, but makes me feel better. I know, I really need to just stick to buying what is necessary, and when I do splurge, splurge within reason.

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